Journal Publications


  • G. Mishne, R. Talmon, I. Cohen, R. R. Coifman, and Y. Kluger, “Data-Driven Tree Transforms and Metrics,” submitted, Jan. 2017.
  • O. Katz, R. Talmon, Y.-L. Lo and H.-T. Wu, “Diffusion-based nonlinear filtering for multimodal data fusion with application to sleep stage assessment,” submitted, Jan. 2017 (See arXiv version).
  • B. Laufer-Goldstein, R. Talmon, S. Gannot, “A Hybrid Approach for Speaker Tracking based on TDOA and Data-Driven Models,” submitted, Jan. 2017.
  • V. Papyan, R. Talmon, “Multimodal Latent Variable Analysis,” submitted to Signal Processing, Nov. 2016 (See arXiv version).
  • O. Yair, R. Talmon, R. R. Coifman, I. G. Kevrekidis, “No equations, no parameters, no variables: data, and the reconstruction of normal forms by learning informed observation geometries,” submitted to PNAS, Nov. 2016 (See arXiv version).
  • B. Laufer-Goldstein, R. Talmon, S. Gannot, “Semi-supervised source localization on multiple-manifolds with distributed microphones,” submitted to IEEE/ACM Trans. Audio, Speech, Lang. Proces., Sept. 2016 (See arXiv version).
  • R. Talmon and H.-T. Wu, “Latent common manifold learning with alternating diffusion: analysis and applications,” submitted (See arXiv version).

Published and Accepted