Journal Publications


  • O. Yair, M. Ben-chen, and R. Talmon, “Parallel transport on the cone manifold of SPD matrices for domain adaptation,”submitted, 2018 (See arXiv version).
  • A. Schwartz, and R. Talmon, “Intrinsic isometric manifold learning with application to localization,” submitted, 2018 (See arXiv version).
  • B. Laufer-Goldstein, R. Talmon, S. Gannot, “Analysis of Linear Optimization over Correlations for Speaker Diarization and Separation,” submitted, 2018.
  • B. Laufer-Goldstein, R. Talmon, S. Gannot, “Data-Driven Source Separation Based on Simplex Analysis,” submitted, 2018 (See arXiv version).
  • F. P. Kemeth, S. W. Haugland, F. Dietrich, T. Bertalan, Q. Li, E. M. Bollt, R. Talmon, K. Krischer, and I. G. Kevrekidis. , “An Equal Space for Complex Data with Unknown Internal Order: Observability, Gauge Invariance and Manifold Learning,” submitted, 2017.
  • T. Shnitzer, R. Talmon and J. J. Slotine, “Diffusion maps Kalman filter,” submitted, 2017 (See arXiv version and Matlab code).

Published and Accepted